"D" litter
DOB: 24.5.2011
7 puppies, 3 males, 4 females, all blue roans

Sire: Tamalanna Buxus Sempervirens (prcdPRA - A, FN clear, HD A) Dam: Pocket Money vom Schloss Hellenstein (prcdPRA - B, FN clear)
Buxi Pika

Pupies' names

As we live in a forest, we have decided to name our puppies after trees and plants, but in Latin.
Here are the pupies' names in order of the puppy's birth hour:

OFFICIAL NAME NAME SEX you can see a larger photo by pointing at the small one for more photos clik on the photo
Tamalanna Daphne Blagayana
Dafni Female Dafni, 5 tednov (5 weeks)
Tamalanna Drosera Anglica
Dora Female Dora, 5 tednov (5 weeks)
Tamalanna Danthonia Gracilis
Dana Female Dana, 5 tednov (5 weeks)
Tamalanna Dolichea Nigra
Doli Female Doli, 5 tednov (5 weeks)
Tamalanna Digitalis Lanata
Digi Male Digi, 5 tednov (5 weeks)
Tamalanna Dianthus Sylvestris
Dino Male Dino, 5 tednov (5 weeks)
Tamalanna Dactylis Glomerata
Dali Male Dali, 5 tednov (5 weeks)




Int. SH CH,
Tamalanna Buxus Sempervirens

prcd-PRA clear (by parentage)
FN clear

CH.J.-D Terriles Tysilio
Link   Photo
SH CH Ryallcourt Pie in the Sky CH Spinneyhill Stormy Weather Over Fonesse  Photo Lynwater Bouncer of Spinneyhill
Spinneyhill Sense of Rythm
Ryallcourt First Edition CH Coltrim Cincinnati
Caron Cute and Cuddly of Ryallcourt
Terriles Tapestry Lindridge Flash Harry Starchoice of Lindridge
CH Lindridge Gypsy Girl   Link Photo
Terriles Tessa CH Caron Carbo Booster
Terriles Taffeta
Betty of Raitis von der Hohen Veitsch
Royal Friend Invisible Results
CH Lynwater Rock Rose Photo Quasar Total Recall Link
CH Lynwater Forget Me Not Link
CH Night Fever of Royal’s Photo CH Bozogligeti Blue Top Gun
Tripol’s Lady Day
Raitis Raitis Gundi von der Hohen Veitsch
CH Bannachra Barracuda Photo Bannachra Barnstormer
Cardamine Bittersweet of Bannachra
Atkia Marjorie CH Glowhill Rob Roy Link
Atkia Monaviola at Richian


Pocket Money vom Schloss Hellenstein

prcd-PRA carrier
FN clear

CH.J.-D Tashann Tanis
SH CH Spinneyhill Stormy Weather Over Fonesse   Photo Lynwater Bouncer of Spinneyhill Lynwater Outward Bound
Tell Tale of Lynwater
Spinneyhill Sense Of Rythm CH Lindridge Salute    Photo
Spinneyhill Simone
Tashann Timone Tashann Thunderstorm SH CH Spinneyhill Stormy Weather Over Fonesse    Photo
Tashann Tamasin
Brodie's Best at Tashann Tashann Tobias
White Lady Betsy
Küßchen vom Schloß Hellenstein
Link   Photo
CH Lochdene Time Keeper   Photo Sorbrook Bucks Fizz Lochdene Orpheus Lochdene Orpheus at Sorbrook Photo
Sorbrook Airs & Graces
Lochdene Celebrity Girl Photo Lynwater Isleman C`s Link   Photo
Lochdene Cover Girl Photo
Ohne Gleichen vom Schloss Hellenstein Link   Photo VDH CH Eisbär vom Schloss Hellenstein Link   Photo DE CH Brooksong Blue Suede Shoes
Nudeldicke Deern vom Schloss Hellenstein Link
Wundertüte vom Schloss Hellenstein Link CH.J.-A Midwinter Benedict
VDH CH Hofdame vom Schloss Hellenstein Link   PhPhPhPhoto