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- 31.12.2012 All puppies are in their new homes!

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- 8.&9.12.2012 We visited last show for this year, CACIB Wels, Austria. Since our adult male Buxi is already a Ch there, we only choose to show Kasja, and what a great decision it was! She has won 2xCAC and 2xCACIB and one day also BOS under breed specialist, who thought of her really higly:
*Ms Christine Dierolf, breed specialist (translated to English): Strong, very attractive light blue of the correct size, excellently chiselled head, excellent neck length, very compact, square body, correct tail set, excellent angulations, correct bone strength, captivating coat, extremely spirited movement with a lot of reach and correct thrust, correct tail action, the topline remains level, correct movement when going, when coming a little close with her paws, very routine behaviour.
*Ms Petra Bannach (translated to English): 2 year old female, built overall very harmoniously, expressive feminine head with correct details, very strong muscled neck which merges smoothly into the back, correct tail set, exquisitely positioned shoulder and upper arm, superbly developed chest in all parts, very good lower line, exquisite, harmonious angulation, leg bones in proportion to the body, closed, well padded paws, silky, well-groomed coat, shows true to breed-type movement covering ground well, with the best front and hind action, absolutely reliable behavior, well presented, a true champion.

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- 1.12.2012 We decided to visit Nitra again afer 2 years.And first day prooved us, it was a good decision as both Buxi and Kasja won their classes and recieved CAC titles under mr. Petr Studenik. This was Buxi's last CAC needed for the title of a SLOVAKIAN CHAMPION!!

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- 16.11.2012 We attended Zagreb club show in Croatia. Judge was a specialist, Alberto Cuccillato from Italy, who awarded our dogs flying places! Both Buxi and Kasja won their champion classes with CAC and this great result followed with BOTH winning CLUB WINNER titles as well! Buxi has then been awarded BOB, while Kasja was choosen as BOS! We are very proud of our breeding! Kasja BOS, Buxi BOB
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- 23.9.2012 was a nother show day for our dear Kasja (Tamalanna Cassia Corymbosa). She was shown on CACIB Pohorje to a nother great result! She won her class with ex.1, CAC continued with CACIB and ended up as BOS! This is 4th CACIB in a row for our young girl!
Kasja MB
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- 14.-16.9.2012 We showed Kasja (Tamalanna Cassia Corymbosa) on Slavonia (1xCAC, 2xCACIB shows) in Croatia. She was awarded 3xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB and BEST OF GROUP!! She has now fulfiled all the conditions for Croatian Show Champion title!
Kasja-BOG  Kasja
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- 9.9.2012 another great result for our Cici - Tamalanna Dolichea Nigra. She was shown in Germany on "Jagd spaniel club show" where 90 cockers were shown. Judge for females was Rudy Feyaerts - BE (Billsor kennel) who awarded Cici ex.1 and CAC! Well done Mildred!
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- 2.9.2012 we got excellent news from Mildred Ocers who owns Cici - Tamalanna Dolichea Nigra. She was shown in Germany on Rheda-Wiedenbruck club show where she was awarded ex.1 and CAC in intermedia class! Congratulations Mildred!
Tamalanna Dolichea Nigra
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- 1.9.2012
we went to CZ cocker club show judged by Sue and Doug Telford (Courtmaster kennel - GB). Both Kasja and Buxi got excelent grade, Kasja being placed 1st in class of 7 and so started CZ Champion title by reciving her 1st CAC. Buxi was 2nd in champion class with rCAC.
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- 26.8.2012
at national show Trbovlje we showed Buxi in champion class, where he gained ex.1, CAC, BOB and THIRD BEST OF GROUP!
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- 25.8.2012 Kasja made first step towards croatian champion title by winning her first CAC and gaining BOS as well.
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- 20. and 21.7.2012 we have visited two Slovakian shows (CAC and CACIB Velka Ida).
Buxi gained CAC and rCAC, while Bella got 2xCAC and rCACIB and so fulfiled all the conditions for Slovakian CH!
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As days go by

- 30.8.2012 Bella and her owner Neža gave us a visit and some garden improvements..
Bella enjoying  Bella enjoying
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