About us

Our little house is hidden in the shade of a hundred years old spruce and just a little younger hornbeam. This is our home and the home of our three canine family members.

Tamalanna is a small kennel in Slovenia where there are no cages or boxes, and where my husband and I breed parti-colored English cocker spaniels with a lot of love and affection. It started in 2002 when we moved to the country and thus got the chance to make our lifelong dream come true – to breed parti-colored English cocker spaniels in Slovenia. At that time there were not any here but we thought them to be the most wonderful of all dogs, when we saw them while attending shows abroad with our Teddy. These shows were a great opportunity for conversations with distinguished breeders - we got information about the breed, the standard, the pedigrees, and about breeding. Learning continued at home. I read all the books about cockers I could find, I browsed on the Internet to find new information, I renewed my knowledge of genetics, and the idea of my future kennel and of what sort of a breeder I want to be gradually began to mould in my thoughts.

Our first litter, when we had mated Teddy (Raitis Kersta v.d. Hohen Veitsch) with Fonesse Fanfare, the son of the famous Bitcon Troubador, was a joy and a disappointment at the same time because only one puppy was born, our Tamalanna Abies (Abi) who stayed with us. After many further unsuccessful matings I accepted the offer from the kennel Von der Hohen Veitsch to buy their orange roan girl Betty, who, nearly two years later, brought to us much happiness with her first litter of nine orange and blue roan puppies and who excelled herself as an excellent mother.

Tamalanna is now the kennel as I imagined it to be. We have dogs who live with us and are part of our life. The puppies born here (we call them Tamalannas), are healthy, well socialized typical representatives of the breed with excellent temperaments and a joy to have. We are very careful about choosing new owners for them and we are delighted with their frequent photos and visits – or when they call us just for a chat – as one calls one’s best friend.

I may never raise a world champion but I will always be able to say that the little Tamalannas lead a happy doggy life with their families, who love them just as much as we did when they lived with us at Škocjan.

You can see some photos of our home by clicking on the photo below.

Betty izsek Betty izsek